Diecast Racing Collectibles Waffle Raffle

TNGI Diecast Racing Collectibles Waffle Raffle Rules & Regulations
Make sure to read and understand them before agreeing to participate in any of the Waffles listed on the Stockton Dirt Track Facebook page. Everyone will be held accountable, no exceptions…..

1. Each item listed will have a specific number of spots and $ amount per spot. Each spot that is filled should be made through the comment section of the original Facebook post NOT through messenger or a text.

2. Drawings will be done LIVE using https://www.random.org/ after the specific number of spots are filled and paid in full per Waffle post.

3. Live drawing will be done on the Stockton Dirt Track Facebook Page, using https://www.random.org/ Webpage will be refreshed at least 4 times, number of spots will be entered onto page and the generate button will be clicked to receive winning number.

4. There is to be no less than 4 views during the LIVE drawing, if unable to secure 4 or more viewers LIVE drawing will be post-poned for an additional hour.

5. You will have 4 hours to pay for your spot(s) once a Waffle is full . If you don’t pay within those 4 hrs, your spot(s) will be opened back up and resold. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! You will need to send the appropriate amount of money via PayPal to the email address: tonynocetigroup@gmail.com

**An item # is required in the “Add a Note” section in paypal so we can match your payment to the correct waffle drawing, please refer to original Facebook post for item number listed. Another reminder make sure you are “sending to a friend” to avoid any fees.

6. Items won in a Waffle will be shipped within 4 days of the LIVE drawing. Winner will be provided a tracking number. No additional cost for shipping.